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J/'ttries of the Thoraj-, Abdomen and Pelvis. The thoracic aorta in the Chimpanzee gives off intercostal arteries to the lower ten intercostal spaces, the first two being supplied by the superior intercostal branches of the subclavian artery. Branches are given to the oesophagus, right and left lungs. In the Gorilla, according to Eisler ^442), there is an arteria intercos-taiis prirna to the first Intercostal space, twelve pairs of intercostal arteries including the subcostal arteries, and an azygos tracheae ; the latter, which supplies the lymph glands, trachea and oesophagus, arises near the concavitv of the aortic arch. The bronchial arteries arise
from the second intercostal arteries.    Man has no azygos tracheae ; and the Gorilla is the only Ape possessing it.
The abdominal aorta divides at the lower border of the last lumbar vertebra into the two common iliac arteries. Its branches differ from those in Man, as can be seen from the following table : 
Gorilla             ,         Chimpanzee                     Gibbon
Pbrenics Cceliac axis Supr&renals
Kenals .. Sperrnat:c<
.    Phrenics .   Cceliac axis
. ' Suprarenals
. ' Spermaties
. | Phrenic ..        ... Phrenics .  Ccelias axis      .. : CoeHae axis
| Suprarenals
Sup.  mesenteraG   Sup. inesenteric : Sup.   mesenteric  Sap. mesenteric
. i Renals .              ' Renals
. i Right ovarian or ! Spermatics
i   both spermatics , Inferior   meseu-   Inferior    niesen- ; Inferior    mesen- ! Inferior  mesenteric                 :    teric                  ;   teric                   [   teric Lumbars (pairs)  ! Lumbars (5 single), Lumbars (i single) Lumbars (pairs) " sacral       .. ! 3Eid sacral       .. i                                     
It is, therefore, evident that the Chimpanzee differs more than the Gorilla and Gibbon from Man in the origin of the branches of the abdominal aorta. The phrenic artery is single and gives off arteries to the